Latin Spice the mixed compilation by Dirty House Bastards contains the greatest latin hits. Tracks by artists like Thom Eduardo, Breyth, Dirty House Bastards , Wicked G, E.B. Smallz, Reyna Ferrera, Musiqfuckersz, El Sonido, Lau Savano & Mallenza and many more can be found on this party starter & it is now available on iTunes. get int NOW! More by DHB is in the works.

What Is Latin Spice

Latin Spice is a brand new latin house and electro latin concept from the Netherlands, home of some of the best deejays in the world. The concept Latin Spice is created by Dutch deejays & producers Dirty House Bastards a.k.a DHB. The philosophy behind Latin Spice is simple; producers and artists can send their EXCLUSIVE promos through the website @

But in contrast to other similar concepts who claim to “release” a mixtape to promote the artist or song, the mixtape mostly promotes one artist or only the dj who mixed it.

The tracks we use in Latin Spice the freedownload mixtape will also be officialy released on 400 download platforms like; Itunes | Beatport | Dance-Tunes | Amazon | Junodownload | Media Markt | Spotify and many more.Our priority is the artist and the song, not the artist who mixed it.

Your advantage of delivering your dance tune exclusively to Latin Spice is the fact that your track will get promoted across the globe, and your song will also be released! To top things off, the mixed Latin Spice compilation will also be released on all platforms. The freedownload version is only 192 kps, so a true Latin House or Electro Latin fan will support you by buying the mix in a legal downloadshop on the internet.

Do you think you can mix the next Latin Spice mixtape, send in your mix and perhaps you are the one who will be mixing the next Latin Spice mixtape.

Latin Spice Records is a division of Most Wanted International the Dutch House Factory.

Most Wanted Studio

Mastering is the last step of the chain, after mixing, it is the icing on your cake. Getting the acceptance of a label to release your track is getting harder and harder every day. You will have to make sure that you can compete with the loudness and still keep the feel and the dynamics of the song.

The sad reality in the music industry is that most label people who are in a position of helping your project, aren’t going to give it the time of day. They are overworked, bombarded with demos. Working with a mastering engineer will elevate your track and give you the extra credits you need for the head of A&R.

Deliver your track to Most Wanted International for Mastering

Make sure you have the following settings in your DAW:

No limiter on the masterbus unless it is absolutly crucial to the feel of the track. If you do not use any limiting keep it at a -2 db of headroom. Make sure it is 44.1 khz and 16 bits. Unless you have it set to other values please keep it that way! (We have high end conversion tools to deal with that. Stereo interleaved. No dithering, and in .WAV or .AIFF

When you are done bouncing the track you can contact us and you will get an account to our studio server where you can upload it via web or ftp directly.

Mastering Prices
1 track/version: € 20,-
4+ tracks/versions: per song or version € 15,-

Audio Restoration
€ 40,- per hour

Vocal-Mixing (Pre-Mastering)
Single track: € 99,- (includes final master)

Mixing / Co-Producing / Editing
Single track: starting at € 199,- (includes mastering) all depending on the amount of work.

This includes: Vocal dynamics, pocketing, layering, de-essing. Additional percussion editing/layering. Track flow and build up.

This service is obviously ment for commercial releases that need help to get the track up to par. Before commencing, the exact details need to be discussed with the mix engineer, producer and/or label. Please contact us for details.

New Website Online

Most Wanted International also known as the Dutch House Factory a brand new website.

If you are interested in a release on one of our labels, just send in your demo on our special demo page and we let our A&R team listen to it as fast as possible, most of the times it only takes 48hrs to receive a respond from our headquarters. As you know some labels do not even take the time to send you a respond, but we do!website design. On our new website you can follow us on all levels. Our latest releases, our next upcoming releases, mixtapes, videos, bookings, all can be found on the new MWI web.

Most Wanted International distributes our artists on 400+ download platforms, you can find and support our releases on; Beatport | Itunes | Spotify | Media Markt | Dance-Tunes | Junodownload | Nokia and many more legal mp3 music stores.

Dance Music Is A Universal Language Spoken And Understood By All!

Most Wanted Multimedia

Most Wanted International the MultiMedia Department is our own in house design company. A international internet webdesign company who specializes in creating and designing websites for multimedia purposes. Their expertise can create superb websites in no time, you need it done yesterday…

Especially for Artists, DJ´s, Producers, Booking agents, Event and Entertainment companies. From the first step creating a concept till the last step of a fully worked out website. Most Wanted International the MultiMedia Department provides you with the right advise to make your website a succes combined with the looks, but extremely user and search engine friendly.

All the latest techniques like social media such as; Facebook, Hyves, MySpace, Netlog, Twitter or Soundcloud, will be implemented if needed. Still no Facebook, MySpace or Twitter? Most Wanted International the MultiMedia Department can help you setting up and configure these kind of media and advise you on how to use them in combination with your website. Our website’s are open source CMS (Content Management System) which is the heart of the website. If needed Most Wanted International the MultiMedia Department works with freelance specialists who can create the greatest templates for any purpose. We can produce high quality websites at cheaper rates than anyone else.

Every good website needs to have analytics for monitoring traffic and achievements of your website. We provide Google Analytics for free since this is free of use by Google. We configure and setup your Google Analytics account in no time and provide you daily/weekly/monthly analyses of the statistics. Also Google AdWords account configuration and setup can be realised very quickly and is also free of use by Google. A campaign with the right keywords will have a great effect of visitors on your website which leads to sales or other achievements. Campaigns will be setup with the lowest costs possible but with the most efficient range of the advertisement campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Most Wanted International website today and contact us:
For questions please contact Most Wanted International